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Opportunities for unique interdisciplinary education

New opportunites!

Research in the Prather group spans from probing fundamental chemistry to complex atmospheric processes, developing unique solutions by working with climate modelers, air quality regulators, and water resource managers.   By working with these experts, Prather group research will affect changes in our understanding of complex chemistry in the real world, climate and air quality policies, health effects, and water resources. Students will obtain extensive experience in communicating their scientific discoveries to the public. Students are educated in how to design and build their own instruments to solve problems that have relevance in a broad range of fields including atmospheric chemistry, materials, health, climate, air-sea exchange, pharmaceutical industry, air quality, and marine biology.  Students are ultimately cross-trained in science, engineering, and environmental chemistry.  Innovation is a critical component of our program and as part of this effort, students have the opportunity to work with the Rady School of Management to help them become the next generation of innovators who are trained to tackle global scale complex environmental problems.


Jack Cahill, PhD graduate student in the Prather Group, flying on the DOE G1 during CalWater.