To probe aerosol composition and to perform physical studies of aerosols and aerosol proxies, our lab uses a variety of complementary commercial analytical instrumentation.

Aerosol Optical Properties and Atmospheric Monitoring

Aerosol Size and Concentration

Cloud Properties
  • Cloud Condensation Nucleus Counter: measures the ability of aerosols to nucleate cloud droplets at specific supersaturations
  • Automated Ice Spectrometer: measures the ability of aerosols to nucleate ice formation in clouds

Physical and Chemical Characterization of Materials

Commercial gas-phase instruments

Clifford - chemical ionization mass spectrometer - uses chemical reactions to selectively analyze components in aerosol particles.  

Our group has recently been involved in the development of new marine aerosol generation systems for studies of complex environmental samples.

We also have access to the Environmental Sample Analysis Laboratory (ESAL) as well as other facilities through CAICE. New in 2015 and leveraged on CAICE’s partnership with ThermoFisher Scientific with support from UC San Diego, ESAL is a research facility at UC San Diego for designing and executing new, detailed chemical analyses of complex environmental samples. 

In addition the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSD also has access to the central Molecular Mass Spectrometry Facility.