Principal Investigator

 Prof. Kimberly A. Prather
 Distinguished Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry
 Holds a joint appointment in the Department of Chemistry &  Biochemistry and Scripps Institution of Oceanography
 Office phone: 858-822-5312

Senior Personnel / Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Chris Lee

Dr. Rebecca Simpson
Research Interests: 

Chris is the Managing Director of NSF funded Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment (CAICE) with interests in understanding the role of atmospheric aging and marine-derived enzymes on the chemistry of sea spray aerosols. He joined the Prather Group in 2011 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. 
Research Interests: 


Graduate Students

Charlotte Beall Kathryn Mayer
Research Interests: 

Charlotte joined the Prather Group in 2014 from the University of Texas at Austin. Currently a PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, she studies ice nucleating particles (INPs) in coastal and remote ocean environments with a focus on characterizing number distributions and composition of biogenic INPs.
Research Interests: 

Kathryn joined the Prather Group in 2015 after graduating from the College of William and Mary. Her research interests focus on formation and properties of secondary marine aerosol, and its role as a cloud condensation nuclei.

Brock Mitts
Alexia Moore
Research Interests: 

Brock joined the lab in 2016. He is currently researching the distinction between submicron and supermicron sea spray aerosols to better understand the distribution of particles released from bursting bubbles.
Research Interests: 

Alexia joined the Prather group in Fall 2018 after graduating from Howard University. Her research interests focus on using mass spectrometry to understand trace gases in the atmosphere.

Matthew Pendergraft Mitchell Santander
Research Interests:

Matt joined the Prather Group in 2014 as a PhD student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. He investigates how marine bacterial enzymes influence sea spray aerosol composition and ice nucleation.
Research Interests: 

Mitch joined the Prather Group in 2012 after graduating from the University of San Francisco. His interests focus on using spectroscopic techniques to chemically characterize organic matter in seawater and sea spray and investigating the factors controlling transfer of organic and biological material across the air-sea interface.

Jon Sauer

Research Interests: 

Jon joined the Prather Group in 2014 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin: Stevens Point. His research focuses on the detection and quantification of volatile organic carbon species from distressed microalgae as well as the development of mass spectrometry instrumentation. 


Undergraduate Students

Lee Elmont

Ikran Ibrahim
Research Interests:

Research Interests: 

Clare Morris

Ben Rico
Research Interests: 

Clare joined the group in 2018 and is interested in the how sea spray aerosols relate to public health. She is currently investigating how enzymatic activity in SSA affects artificial pulmonary surfactants.
Research Interests:

Lab Technicians

Research Interests: 

Research Group Coordinator



 Monica Castrejón

 Joe Mayer