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Photos from CalWater Field Deployments

Winter Field Deployment 2010

Sugar Pine Dam, Foresthill, CA

Feb 19, 2010 regional PM2.5 pollution event: noticeable haze was evident throughout the Sierra Foothills, our aerosol instruments noticed as well!Sugar Pine Reservoir on a clear February day: Conditions fluctuate quite substantially during this part of the year.Significant quantities of rain and snow samples were able to be collected for offline chemical analysis throughout the study period.

Mariposa, CA


Mariposa sampling siteMariposa inside containerMariposa fog
Mariposa sampling site with NOAA instruments shown outsideInside the sampling container there were 2 ATOFMSes, gas phase instruments, particle counters and sizers, and cloud condensation nuclei countersEarly morning fog at the Mariposa sampling site

 Winter Field Deployment 2011

Sugar Pine Dam, Foresthill, CA

Sugar Pine Dam during our first of two major snowstorms.  About 12 inches had fallen at the time of this photo; about 12 inches more would accumulate during this storm.
One of our precip collection devices completely covered in snow.  Precipitation during the 2011 field season was high in volume but fairly low in frequency.  Some reports indicate that the winter of 2011 was the wettest in many years with some regions receiving more than 10 feet of snowpack and reaching their annual averages in the first half of the season.The second (and more intense) storm we received dropped about 3 feet of snow at Sugar Pine Dam in approximately 24 hours.The PNNL/DOE Gulfstream 1 Aircraft during a spiral vertical profile over Sugar Pine Dam in early March.  This was the best view the ground site had of the aircraft during the entire study, as the G1 was typically flying inside clouds to measure their physical and chemical properties.